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    @york you are talking about the kind of care that would have been provided by family and often still is. I don’t get the argument that the general tax payer should pay more tax so that the family can be off doing something else while preserving their inheritance. Do you see no responsibility on the part of a family which has the funds/time to look…[Read more]

  • If they are chirping but not actually sounding an alarm sounding then possibly they are detecting a fault in the system, or maybe there’s a fault in the system that is making them chirp in error.

    Maybe this is due to a spiky/dirty/noisy mains power supply.

    Are they detecting Carbon Monioxide perhaps ?

    Are they just at end-of-life and need…[Read more]

  • IS she lonely? 6 days is a long time to stay.. I’d have a reason ready as to why next time she coudl only stay 3 days.
    Also – be aware if she has money you maybe quite jealous even if you don’t want to admit it so extra sensitive about her talking about having nice things – when to her this is just normal.

  • I passed at the age of 22 (I think it was 22!) but had gaps between the tests (4!!!!)

    I absolutely hated my lessons. Don’t know why, just hated them. I worked Mon-Thurs and always booked them for first thing Friday mornings to get them out the way. The final time I passed, it was the year the new laws were coming into force in the July, so I…[Read more]

  • I ate day old donuts whilst running for the bus

    Then scrolled through Instagram on the bus seeing everyone’s protein shakes and smoothies for brekkie.

    But I did manage to get up super early and ride before work so swings in roundabouts.

    I’m feeling like I’ve lost my mojo a bit recently too. A lot of it is to do with work situations but I feel…[Read more]

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    If I am a bit stressed, I tend to dream about stairs or ladders or steep hills that are impossible to climb. I can start off on the stairs and then something happens like the steps get wider or narrower or steeper, have big gaps or the handrail disappears. It can be quite scary.

    I do have a phobia of open tread stairs and avoid these at any cost,…[Read more]

  • This whole welfare disaster has been 20 years in the making – it’s not just the Tories, Blair has a fair amount of culpability.

    I’m going to drop in by in a week or so and see how they are doing. Because they are moving into a different authority, there may be more help and I know a couple of people who can maybe give them help and advocacy.

    The…[Read more]

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    The best thing they did was lower the limit for drink driving in Scotland so that you really can’t have a drink at all without being over the limit so you can’t think a small drink will be ok. As I understand it, the only reason it isn’t zero is to allow for some medications which have small amounts of alcohol present. Driving the next morning is…[Read more]

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    Just tell your GP what has been going on and I’m sure they will sign you off without medication. Mine were very good and I was also offered CBT. There are times in life when it all just piles up and it becomes a challenge to do the simplest of things. Wishing you all the best.

  • Clutch master cylinder is not the clutch itself though. Just the bit that pushes clutch fluid to slave cylinder to operate the clutch.
    Replacement on my last nissan cost me £35 for part and 10 minutes to fit. Lorry (7.5T) wasn’t much more.

  • £300 just to replace a clutch master cylinder seems very expensive. What car do you have?

  • Depends what part of clutch system has failed.
    If you had a leak previously then I wouldn’t be the clutch plate, just the master or slave clutch cylinder. If the slave and it is fitted inside the gearbox then it is normal to replace the clutch plate at the same time. It could be that this was done and the master has now failed. If so then and easy…[Read more]

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    Good luck with your fitness journey. If you lack energy and motivation for your new lifestyle I find that not cutting down on your food and eating lots of nutritious food is bets as it give your body more energy. 😀