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    • March 23, 2017 at 5:00 pm #29

      Hello I need some buying advise. I have been looking online for a foot file but I cannot find any good ones. For Christmas I got the Scholl express micro pedi which was absolutely rubbish because it did not work at all Scholl says that their pedi is meant to effortlessly gently glide around on your heel getting rid of dry dead skin but actually I found that a cheese grater would be more gentle on your skin than this sadistic foot mutilator…. if making my feet bleed and getting bits of dead skin and blood all over my new carpet wasn’t enough the battery life on the Scholl pedi was terrible too… because you have to keep on recharging it every time you use it. After 3 weeks of torturing my feet with it I ended up binning it. Now I am on the prowl for a new pedi.. one this time that actually works and makes my feet feel great rather than torturing them. If you have any good suggestions then I am all ears! *Please note I am currently on an amazon boycott because they are damaging small businesses so I cannot buy anything from amazon.

    • March 23, 2017 at 5:08 pm #30

      Hi jessie, You are not alone with your experience with scholl garbage foot files. I bought the Scholl velvet smooth and dry pedi and it was really weak and didn’t remove any dead skin at all from my feet. I bought it from scholl from amazon for £60 and wasn’t even allowed to return it. WHAT A COMPELTE SCAM. I recently bought a Emjoi micro pedi for my feet and that thing is a lot better and has a ton more power to it plus I got it for half the price 🙂

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