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    • March 28, 2017 at 12:26 pm #53

      Hi guys I am always slipping in my high heels when I am on a girls night out and only a couple days ago I nearly broke my ankle through slipping in my high heels and I am sick to death of it now. I was wondering if I should just give up and start wearing flat shoes or if there are anything that I can wear inside my high heels to stop me from slipping? Help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

    • March 28, 2017 at 12:30 pm #55

      You sound just like me, I don’t even need a drink to find myself on the floor! I found that heel grips help a lot. Since wearing them I haven’t actually slipped once I don’t think. I had been looking around everywhere I could to find something that will help stop me constantly slipping in my high heels if I didn’t one of these days I am going to end up breaking my ankle. I had previously looked at some insoles which are meant to keep you feet aligned and so they don’t move around but big bulky insoles in petite high heels really does not go together, you will either look like your feet are swollen up and you are some kind of mutant because they bulk up your high heels so much or you’ll end up having insoles hanging out of the side which isn’t a good look. Anyway apparently heel grips are the answer to stopping you slipping around in your shoes. They are designed to simply stick your feet to the soles of your high heels and are really quite small so you and everybody else do not even realize that the heel grips are their. They works simply stick onto the sole of your high heels and grip to you feet making sure you don’t not slip… They are really are so handy! Honestly since I have been going out with these on I can party all night and not have to worry about snapping my ankles because I slipped in my bloom’in high heels any-more! What is more heel grips are so cheap to so even if you loose a pair of them no great loss. honestly I am so forgetful I did end up losing my first pair within a week of getting them.. but no worries!

      YAY for heel grips I say!

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