• smokey replied to the topic NHS in crisis in the forum Chit chat 2 years, 9 months ago

    It will be more bonkers as things go on as you have a generation of people coming up who have been unable to buy their own homes so don’t have that sort of equity either, and have had a much poorer deal on any pensions they have (no final salary set ups etc).

  • smokey replied to the topic Drink Driving? in the forum Chit chat 3 years ago

    I dont see the point. Its just not worth the risk… even of you are safe (think you are?) if you get stopped or someone else causes an accident which you are involved in then you could lose so much.

    Sidenote: does anyone else find that they fell funny drinking redbull or coke all night? I will quite happily not drink and be designated driver,…[Read more]

  • smokey replied to the topic Anxiety/stress share in the forum Chit chat 3 years ago

    I am returning to work next week after several months absence. Quite similar to your own experience, I have a lot of stress going on at home, and was just keeping a lid on it. Got suspended at work ( and later cleared of any wrong doing) then another couple of events that in themselves weren’t too bad, but on top of everything else, it was too…[Read more]