• alainax replied to the topic Drink Driving? in the forum Chit chat 3 years, 6 months ago

    There was a guy near here who was successfully prosecuted for being drunk in charge of a horse and cart (well, drunk is an understatement actually, he was passed out asleep on the cart and the horse was merrily taking them both home). Unfortunately however, nobody had updated the fine from when that was presumably a common offence, so he was fined…[Read more]

  • @Dave Op will have advised BT that she is with talk talk currently, I am presuming she will be doing a line transfer, and not setting up an additional line. Op is in contract currently, so contacting BT to stop the planned move until this is rectified may save the OP the huge cancellation fee.

    Op is sure she didn’t renew, i was confirming that…[Read more]

  • Set up a new email address. Redirect all emails from your new email address to one that you use. Give talk talk the new one, they will be able to use it as it’s not been registered in the past, you can then log in, check bills etc, and due to the redirect don’t have to log into the new email account.

    I run several business with different lines,…[Read more]