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    • March 28, 2017 at 12:18 pm #51

      I have been listening to Deep blue something- breakfast at Tiffany’s today, I really have not heard that song for a long long time and it really brings back memories but at the same time made me a bit sad that music in the 90′s was so great now all we have is just EVIL and superficial music that doesn’t mean anything. I really hate how society has became and I really blame capitalism and the whole idea of it. Capitalism and inequality has been around for thousands of years but in the last couple years thanks to technology, the selfish ideals we see all around us it is no wonder that we have found society like it is today. I don’t know what has actually caused such a huge change in the last 20 years. I guess it just that all morals have completely gone and the majority of people are just evil and are always wanting more— exactly what capitalism is about.
      Come to think of it I lame the media.. The media has changed so much in these last couple of years.. now it seems that only evil immoral stuff that shocks people is accepted to be in music and tv now making it the norm for everyone else! Yes! That is exactly what has happened!

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