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      Did you know if you are tall you have a much better chance of getting a a better job than people who are small?This is because first impressions are totally important in all job interviews and people mainly get their first impression about you from the way you look. Why? This is because Studies have shown that taller people are perceived more dominant and have more authority studies whilst smaller people are often not as trusted as people who are average in height or taller. So being tall is more important than you might think!

      How can you make yourself taller?

      Understanding what determines your height is key to helping you to reach your full height potential and stop you from stunting your growth.
      First things first height is determined by a number of different things such as genetics which you cannot change, your diet which is really important if you want to reach the height you should (the height that your genetics will allow) then you will need to feed your body with the right stuff to fuel your growth if not then you may stunt your growth which would really be quite annoying… and secondly how good your posture is but you can improve this just about at any age but practising good posture from a early age is really important as having poor posture can cause lots of back and spine problems, some people can be really tall but look small because of bad posture, so stand up straight!

      Whilst you are still growing, diet is the most important thing! Eating junk food that maybe high in calories but empty ones at that may fill you up but will no contain any nutrients like protein (amino acids) that your body and bone cells need to grow). Eating chicken, steak, eggs and anything containing protein is a good diet.. but remember you need a balance diet to get the best benefits. Calcium also help promote strong healthy bone growth but it isn’t just enough to have milk and dairy products in your diet you also need vitamin d which helps your body better absorb calcium from your diet. So as you can see a balance of all vitamins and nutrients is important because one type of nutrients helps the other.

      Posture is quite (very in fact) important and if you have reached that age where you suspect you have stopped growing a few stretches and posture exercises to help strengthen your muscles surrounding your back and joints can increase your height because this will improve your body’s resilience against gravity which is always pushing down on you and compressing your joints together.. in between your joints and vertebra in your spine is cartilage which is compressed whilst you stand around thanks to gravity… whilst you sleep this cartilage can relax and you are taller. By strengthening your muscles surrounding your joints and back you will help make gravity have a more difficult job doing this. Stretches and exercises to help improve you posture includes yoga, Pilates and even swimming and basketball with a lot of stretching involved can really make a difference and keep you active and healthy too.

      Wearing shoe lifts is a good way to get taller that not many people know about!

      Us women have it easy if we want to look taller all we need to do is wear a pair of high heels but this is not such a good idea if you are guy or if you if High heels are to uncomfortable for you to wear, then what do you do? Do you have to just settle for being small? Well, no not really. I was reading the internet like I do and then I managed to find something that was rather cool to help you make yourself taller. Shoe lifts are the answer! They are far easier and a much faster way than anything else that I have tried to gain more height.
      You can even wear these insoles when wearing flat shoes and whats more they are super discrtete to wear (more so than wearing high heel shoes) which is great if you are wanting to trick everyone inot thinking that you are actually tall rather than cheating! If you wearing flat shoes you just place these lifts in them really easily as they are basically just insoles with an elevated heel and your good to go and as they are tucked inside your shoes they aren’t even seen it just looks like you got normal shoes on that aren’t boosting your height. These insoles really work miracles and are so comfortable to wear! So if you feeling a bit low because your not as tall as you’d like to be id say give them a go. By wearing a pair just to appear a little bit taller on tv because they rely on their image to get by… Well I have not seen many places on the high street sell them which is a shame so you are going to have to look online. Nuovahealth sells the best kind I have seen, which should save you some time looking around.


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