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    • March 28, 2017 at 11:40 am #36

      How annoying this I went running and now I think that I am suffering from plantar fasciitis.. I knew I should have waited until my running insoles arrived before I bothered running. What plantar fasciitis is is when the plantar fascia that stretches across the sole of your foot becomes inflamed (it really is temper mental). Know I guess that I am going to have to site out and not run a while luckily though the insoles that I have ordered ( be arriving soon so I should be back on my feet not long and this should happen again… I think that to recover the fastest I need to look after my feet and when I am on my feet I WILL try to wear the insoles just to give me extra support so I am not putting pressure on the arch and cause even more damage because I have heard that If you continually try to run around and that when recovering from plantar fasciitis it can take a long time to fully heal some people I have read on the internet have been suffering form it for years so I guess I am going to have to keep as much weight off my affected foot as I can. I guess this is a just a little set back on my £getting healthy” journey but no matter it gives me a little excuse to get back watching tv and being lazy again (I am a true sloth) until I am recovered and Ill continue.

      Here are a few facts and tips if you too are suffering from plantar fasciits if you are like me and suffering form it at the moment.

      Plantar fasciitis is by far the most common injury and isn’t always caused by bad running technique or even running at all! contrary to what many people may say. Plantar fasciitis can be caused by excess pressure and weight which can be caused by being obese or the shocks and pressures your feet go under whilst running can also contribute to the onset of PF too. Best thing to do if you are a runner is to wear good shock absorbing insoles and yes improving your running technique you run in a way that is less harmful to your feet is also a very good idea but Id say that insoles are a better bet because even the very best runners suffer from PF. If you are going to buy some insoles then my advise is to not spend too much as there are lots of different branded insoles that you can buy that are no different to cheaper ones. Also the best ones to buy are the ones that that mold to the shape of any foot shape and gives the right support!

      Well there you go! Lets hope I am back on my feet very soon! As nothing beats running in the fresh air and feeling free….

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