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    • March 28, 2017 at 12:10 pm #46

      Having people read and enjoy your blog is what blogging is all about, otherwise whats the point of having and paying for a blog when you could write down your thoughts and musing ina private diary. But getting people to read your blog is easier said then done as just writing your blog posts isn’t enough to get people to come to your blog. Yes you can share your blog links on social networks and get your friends visiting your blog quite easily but what I am talking about is getting loads of “strangers” that don’t know you come and read your blog. Getting your blog popular on the internet is a difficult task and something that you cannot do on social media alone… getting loads of blog traffic from people who are trying to find things that you are talking about you can get from the search engines! Well, okay that was quite obvious really… But do you know how to get your blog ranking high in the search engines though? To do this you need to know some Search engine optimization which is also known as SEO. SEO is quite a tricky and technical business but once you get ontop it will pay off! Here are a few things that you should know to…
      How search engines work and rank sites is based mostly on 2 main things, on page and off page.

      Google uses a computer algorithm known as panda to look at the quality of your blog. If your blog is up to scratch and what google is looking for a particular search your website will go up in the rankings. If however the panda thinks that your site is “spam” and is of no use to searchers you will be penalized and be nowhere to be seen. Google considers website to be spam if they are seen trying to manipulate the search results and are only built to rank or are of no use and are poor quality. Keyword stuffing which is when you just stuff your whole page with keywords about the thing you are wanting to rank for is something you should avoid at all costs as this is one of the easiest things to pick up… so is duplicate content as google hates content thieves and does not want to just rank websites saying exactly the same thing as another website.. so make sure all your blog posts are your own words and don’t ever use copy and paste!  There are tons more things you should really get to grips with on the panda side of things as well these are just the most important.

      Penguin is the off page algorithm google uses. What’s off page? Well it is something out of your hands really as it looks at website that link to you. Search engines look at the links pointing to your site as a indication of how good your site is as the more links a site has (if they are not spam links) usually indicates that the website is good and interesting because other websites trust them and want to send their users there. This is why you may see amazon rank just about for anything because they have over a billion links…(annoyingly). If you decide to build links to your site yourself to improve your blogs rankings then you should remember to keep it looking normal and don’t make it seem that you are just building links to rank… confused? Well what I mean is don’t build spammy links created solely to rank higher because google and other search engines really don’t like these kind of links and even penalize website for them. Keeping things normal is quite simply .. don’t use the same anchor text over again.. make sure the links are in context and relevant… make them useful not only to search engines bots but to users… never spam or make promotional links as these are against the rules of the search engines…. Keyword density should always differ never stick to your targeted keyword (the keyword you are trying to rank for). Getting links naturally from other blogger friends probably is a much better way to get links to your blog than creating your own so I say do that instead.. will save you a lot more time as well.

      Hopefully with a bit of luck and my advice you might get millions of people coming to your blog, but it is quite hard seo 🙂
      This is just a really basic overview of the fundamentals of seo really.. there are tons of websites and blogs which can tell you more… but as most bloggers aren’t aware of seo I thought id just tell you just so you know.

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