• How long would you need to work in London for to build up the skills to make it worth hanging on for? That’s what I’d perhaps base my decision on.

    Also you could look at commuting – coming from further out is more costly but can be strangely faster than when you live in London.

    We are moving to Surrey so out of London. It will be a 30 or 40 min…[Read more]

  • I told them I didn’t care, and didn’t want to claim for the damage.

    @alec Agreed, people get way too precious over the appearance of their vehicles.

  • Red-1 replied to the topic NHS in crisis in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 4 months ago

    I don’t know the answer but I do know that the current system is awful. Only this week our local doctors surgery has changed its system. If you want a same day appointment you have to go on a list and then travel 10 miles in the worst traffic imaginable to see someone. who may only be a nurse. Our local surgery has plenty of nurses who used to d…

    [Read more]

  • Yet again waiting for a YODEL delivery, 3rd day in a row.

    DAy 1, apparently we were out, no card and cctv shows no delivery attempt made

    Day 2 forgot to put parcel on the van

    Day 3 Can’t find the house.

    In the meantime we have had countless other deliveries from other companies as it seems that our house, which has been here for 1000+ years is…[Read more]

  • We did with the machine that was a washer/ drier, but not often, maybe every couple of months, it lasted 10 years or so. When clogged it did not dry, and if very bad it did not spin efficiently either.

    The last one we never did find a filter, it was with us for about 6 years, and in the end the door catch broke, and it would have cost too much to…[Read more]

  • Red-1 replied to the topic Rising/lateral damp in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 4 months ago

    Get a quote off a building company that offers a guarantee that it will be resolved. I’ve had damp work done and it’s majorly disruptive. Makes a massive mess and you are advised not to redecorate for months.
    It wouldn’t be a deal breaker but I would want a very large reduction in price.

  • A few that spring to mind

    Home office type costs even if it’s just for admin and invoicing so stationery, computer and software, telephones, printers etc.
    Travel insurance. Assume it’s just UK as you said car so doesn’t need to think about visas, passports etc
    Bank charges if there’s a business account.
    Any accountancy or other professional…[Read more]

  • I have two house rabbits, they are fabulous pets but need much more interaction and care than most realize! If you get them from a rescue then they should already be neutered, which they need to be.
    To give you an idea of space, mine have the run of the upstairs when I am in and my whole bedroom all the time- under my bed is their warren!
    They…[Read more]

  • Red-1 replied to the topic UK most obese in Europe in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 5 months ago

    I used to do a bit of outside catering so I know a little about the economics of selling food.
    The most expensive part of any meal is protein, usually meat and its also the most temperature sensitive to store. Carbohydrate is cheap, to produce, easy to store, most cereal based products can be stored dry, and add a bit of salt or sugar and they are…[Read more]

  • You want to sell in spring, it’s December, so 4 months would be nice to have a tenant for. Do it by the book. Ask her for her one months notice, and say that he can apply to have a 3 months lease for when her notice runs outs, subject to standard checks. She gets her deposit back unless the place is damaged or she doesn’t want to pay the final…[Read more]

  • Red-1 started the topic Scam warning in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 6 months ago

    Had one last week and I went along with it for a while as I thought it was legit. However I just had another and hung up on them.

    BT said the number is not theirs 021340876890

    Last week they waffled on about has my internet been slow etc (well it had) so I fell for it, they asked me to download Team Viewer which is a cosher company as the cctv…[Read more]

  • Red-1 replied to the topic Slightly panicking in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 6 months ago

    am sorry you are having so much upset and worry.

    I want to put another spin on it. You have had symptoms in your hands and legs, and obviously know that something is wrong somewhere. If the MRI had come back clear then that too would have been a worry as then you would be none the wiser as to what the symptoms were.

    When you overhear something…[Read more]

  • Red-1 replied to the topic NHS spending in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 6 months ago

    I am going to try to write down something I think but have trouble putting down on words .
    One of the biggest problems with the NHS is the whole concept of the state looking after you from cradle to grave .
    I think it’s given some of us a view it’s the states job to look after us what ever madness we get up to not us looking after ourselves
    The…[Read more]

  • Red-1 replied to the topic NHS spending in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 6 months ago

    Yes the NHS needs more money but if anyone thinks money will solve the problems they way off the mark .
    What we need to do is quickly sort how we deal with the care if the extremely old in our population .
    We are in a tight spot with this as it’s not an easy thing to do quickly.

  • Sadly I think the sensible option is to withdraw. Remember a HM isn’t easy at the best of times- I’m in the middle of marathon training and did a half on Sunday, it was hard work and I’ve run up to and over HM distance 3 times in the past month. Can you transfer entry to next year?

  • Do you still have the ones that started chirping? If not connected to the mains, but running on the battery power, do they still chirp?

    Have you put the correct battery type into them? Some specify to use certain types (I don’t mean have you put a 9V in, I mean specific rechargable ones, as far as I remember ours gave two options).

  • At the moment I am having incredibly complicated and seemingly random dreams every night, which I can remember clearly in the morning. They aren’t nightmares, there is nothing horrible, they are just odd!

    Do you bother analysing your dreams or do you just ignore them? And any tips on how I stop having them? I have tried lots of physical exercise…[Read more]

  • Red-1 replied to the topic Drilling steel? How? in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 7 months ago

    Do be careful, the ends of your fingers or thumbs are EXCEPTIONALY vulnerable to grinding wheels!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Red-1 replied to the topic Drilling steel? How? in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 7 months ago

    You hold the drill at an angle to a grinding wheel, or if as good at it as my dad, you get your daugher to hold the angle grider (running) and hold the bit at an angle of about 45 degrees to the wheel and your drill bit is sharp
    Your farrier may be able to help out with either sharpening the drill, or even getting the old bolts out, heating them may work.

  • Red-1 replied to the topic Drilling steel? How? in the forum Chit chat 6 years, 7 months ago

    Are the drill bits sharp enough? My late father was an engineer all his life and often complained that new drill bits were not correctly sharpened and then would grind them to sharpen them. I *think* that are drill sharpening services but I think you would need to google.

    Edited to add, have you removed the old bolts? If not knock them through…[Read more]

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