• poppy replied to the topic NHS in crisis in the forum Chit chat 3 years ago

    Some A&Es are setting up a GP type facility where the people who think it appropriate to attend with illness/injury that could be self treated are seen. Personally I think the 4 hour maximum wait should be abolished so the people cited in the previous sentence get pushed further and further down the queue. I am an ex NHS professional and have…[Read more]

  • poppy replied to the topic Drink Driving? in the forum Chit chat 3 years, 3 months ago

    I’ve never been drunk in my life and I don’t drink at all now.

    I find it quite worrying how dependant some people are on alcohol, ie they’ve had a bad day so will require a bottle of wine to get over it. It’s not a healthy way to be. I know this because I had the same relationship with chocolate! I had a bad day so I deserve this etc. Not…[Read more]