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    @elbie The NHS should not be given more money as it has consistently demonstrated that it does not provide a better service for it. The waste that I have seen at first hand in both community and acute services is eye watering and what made me angry is that the staff don’t even notice it any more. I confronted a surgical consultant as to why a…[Read more]

  • If you keep their run on grass you will have to watch them carefully because rabbits dig and can easily get out that way. They can also climb and jump, surprisingly! I had one inveterate escapologist who would actually leap over the side of his run so I had to make a secure roof for it.

  • Next time she asks just tell her you are terribly busy and really can only manage a couple of days over the weekend. If she wants to stay longer then fine, but could she use the B&B for extra nights as you need the evenings to catch up with work.

    It’s very sad how money can change some people. I had an amazing friend, she was much older than me…[Read more]

  • I had a very vivid dream last night that I was working in an office with an old manual typewriter and couldn’t type a letter without making load of mistakes and having to keep using more paper and hiding the messed up stuff. This could probably relate to when I was about 18 and in my first job ! A very very long time ago. I often have dreams where…[Read more]

  • No. I’m another who keeps on working even when I’m sick – I work from home so I’m not infecting anyone!

    In your position I’d be able to ask my manager for a day’s leave & make the time up on eves/weekends but my hours can be totally flexible.

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    @sar I agree – apart from Wayne Rooney and the like of course….
    I really worry about those who either have no insight, or choose to ignore the warnings that some medications impair driving ability, placing themselves and in particular, others at risk.
    Probably in a similar category, those who shouldn’t drink whilst taking certain medications (…[Read more]

  • Your GP will make a judgement about your health as you describe how you are feeling. S/he will not insist that you take medication, although that might be suggested. There are numerous ways of dealing with anxiety, either in conjunction with, or rather than, medication, which the dr should be able to help you access, although sometimes the waiting…[Read more]