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  • yeah thats it exactly, there’s a time to push yourself physically, but theres also times where it will just set you back for no overall advantage and just set you back in the long term.

    When i was injured, it really annoyed my, but at the same time, it make me take a few steps back and I had to slow down. It gave me time to focus on getting my…[Read more]

  • To be frank I would probably withdraw as you will run the risk of really hurting yourself. If you were healed from your injuries I would be more inclined to say go and have a jog but a half marathon will not be fun for an already problematic neck.

  • Just wanted to wish you luck!

    It is nerve wracking and somewhat daunting but the freedom you get after is imeasurable and you’ll be so glad you pushed yourself to do it!

    If you can, i’d definitely recommend doing an intensive course to begin with (say 5 days of 2 hours AM and 2 hours PM), you become much more familiar with the vehicle and don’t…[Read more]

  • Coming off social media for a bit helped me lots – comparison is the thief of joy and all that.

    If you do use it, remember that you’re viewing everyone’s highlights, and not the drudgery that everyday life brings. No-one posts about that stubborn fungal nail infection, or that you’ve eaten a bag of Doritos in your underwear and have guacamole on…[Read more]

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    A person I know of has been posting photos of her friend drinking port (although she says this lady was only pretending as it was a joke), whilst driving -couldn’t say how fast but background was blurred on the way to hunt ride. I was less than complimentary about said photo and got shot down. The following week she posts a picture of the driver,…[Read more]

  • Orthotic insoles. One of my arches is too flat, probably due to compensating on the good leg for years. I find it tons better using an arch support insole.