• My latest dream was that I was on holiday in Cyprus – I knew it was Cyprus because that’s my most recent holiday, but actually the hotel and surroundings were Copenhagen, where I went years ago with my ex-husband! It was the evening before we were due to fly home, when we were looking out of the window and we saw a plane – painted up to look like…[Read more]

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    He comes to visit us quite often, and has a great time up here visiting all his friends and family. He is a real social butterfly, always has been, but also likes all the finer things he gets in Wiltshire, his friends down there are much posher and they go out to four star restaurants and so on. His original Essex friends (and family) would rather…[Read more]

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    This may be very long – go and put the kettle on!
    My parents divorced about 30 odd years ago. My Dad moved to Wiltshire to live (as in house share) with a friend who was also divorced. It was not a relationship in the accepted sense, but two people who didn’t want to live alone (her for financial reasons, Dad for emotional ones) and liked…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys – our accountant is free-lance and has a handful of customers and is based miles away. He may know the best places to look but unlikely he’ll know anyone, he is well aware we need help. In fact he was also looking for help and mentioned it’s hard!

    Brucea, the s/w does all the hard work on the currency, I’m not accounts trained and I…[Read more]

  • Can any of you lovely lot help point me in the right direction before I have a breakdown??

    We desperately need someone with specific experience with a certain accounts software package and I’m struggling. I’ve contacted Reed and another local agency, and they sent me CVs of people who’ve done a bit of purchase invoice processing, or payroll, none…[Read more]

  • Yes on a day I knew I wouldn’t be allowed a day off. Other guy had to pull up his socks and get some actual work done, I didn’t feel very guilty as I was usually the one propping him up!

    Needed for an interview, which went very well and handed my notice in 2 days later.

    We are allowed time off for dentists…I don’t always specify which dentist…[Read more]

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    Can’t abide it. I have taken someone’s keys off them before now at the pub as they were going to drive home and I knew how much they had drunk.

    I would have no hesitation reporting someone. An old friend of mine nearly killed himself drink driving, he got the book thrown at him understandably.

    I had to cycle to work as I was too pie-eyed the…[Read more]

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    I got signed off, not for stress per se but for “grief response” after I lost a friend and my last surviving grandparent within a week of each other. I carried on until after about 4-5 months I just broke down. I would get up because I had to go to work but when I got home I would go to get changed then end up sitting on the bed staring at the…[Read more]

  • I don’t have friends that are serial likers but I do have those that post the “I bet 99% of my friends won’t share/comment on this post”. That annoys me! I do ignore those ones