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    This is an issue with demographics.
    We must must must have an adult discussion as a nation about the increased cost of people living longer.
    We need to be grown up and accept that the old will have to be prepared to pay for more and better management of the help needed in old age.
    I was saddened that the idea of the elderly paying on death part of…[Read more]

  • I think you will struggle to find someone who will allow you to do this because it could cause a whole load of problems, we have houses and flats we rent and we wouldn’t allow it but that’s not to say some tenants don’t do it, how would you do it would the person have their own tenancy agreement?

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    I dont know anyone who would do either these days-did 20 years ago or so though.

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    So glad the GP was good!
    Glad you are going back in a week too. This means the GP wants to keep a close eye on you (and it doesn’t mean that he’ll be signing you fit for work next week). Sounds like he will support you to return to work when you are doing a lot better, and not before. Good!
    Take care.

  • Dave replied to the topic Anxiety/stress share in the forum Chit chat 3 years, 3 months ago

    Poor you

    My GP has certainly offered to sign me off before, but I went down the ‘low dose medication’ route which fortunately worked well.

    My issues weren’t work related though, and I’m sure a GP would be even more likely to sign you off in a case of work related stress..

  • I like your post on this thread, Jessie.

    I am not one of your FB friends or I would like all your posts on there too.

    I rarely post anything on FB so don’t suffer from that problem, but I know what you mean.

  • Why not give TS a call and have a chat?

  • Last year I was suffering from foot pain it was cured by a physio who I was referred to by occupational health as I had back issues. She used deep tissue pressure techniques which sorted the back and the foot. When I mentioned the foot she explained the tense muscles in the back were making me load the foot in a way that it produced a secondary…[Read more]

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    @alainax erm. No?? Why on Earth would BT be aware of a contract in place with another service provider?! They can only do as a customer requests. The OP requested to move her services to BT, and so they placed an order.

    Any relationship or contract with the OP and TalkTalk is not anything to do with BT.

    With regards to the rolling contract, you…[Read more]

  • seems cheap for a clutch on a lorry. When I had mine done on my lorry it cost £800