• A very sad story, and as has already been said, one that is being repeated up and down the country. I volunteer in my local food bank and some of the stories that we hear are awful. One older lady (lives alone) was taken into hospital for emergency surgery and because she didn’t submit her regular doctor’s note (due to her being in hospital for…[Read more]

  • bobby replied to the topic Drink Driving? in the forum Chit chat 2 years, 10 months ago

    I only drove drunk once, but in my defence the police told me to do it! We had gone on a run with friends who were motorbikers (this is many years ago by the way)to Whitby and were camping on the Abby Plain. The group were attacked in the tents and the police told us to take the injured to A&E, when we explained that we were drunk, they told us to…[Read more]