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    Its a simple equation, nothing to do with politics. There are more people, living with conditions that would have died 40 years ago and less people to look after them.
    In 1979 I was a student nurse, my dad was 55 and died from heart disease, he had two heart attacks and basic treatment. Now he would have been treated with sophisticated drugs, have…[Read more]

  • Offer to stay with her instead, taking your two dogs and maybe your horse, plus a good dose of messy real life. I think she’ll soon get the idea that a short visit is more appropriate!

    You sound lovely, too kind to tell her what she needs to hear

  • My god daughter recently had vertigo (same aymptoms as you describe) and she saw OOH doc as she is a child and he said it was due to an infection, but it an ear infection, a urine infection. She was given some ABs and told to see GP if no improvement but thankfully hers cleared up. I would question the nurse practitioners ability to diagnose, I…[Read more]

  • My friend learned in her early 60s after her husband’s eyesight deteriorated so that he could no longer drive. It didn’t take her any longer than most learners to pass her test. She didn’t enjoy driving on long journeys but got them both around locally for many years.

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    I have very odd vivid dreams and dream (though when I say dream, they’re usually nightmares) most nights!

    I had a reoccurring one for a while where I was in an orchard hiding from someone with a shotgun who was trying to kill me. I very frequently dream that I’m either breastfeeding a baby or have had a baby girl. And I’ve had more than one…[Read more]

  • I believe the recruitment website of choice nowadays is Indeed, certainly we got lots of responses through it when we advertised. Don’t get too hung up on finding someone with the right experience, sometimes someone with no experience but the right aptitude and attitude can pick it up quickly. It’s so hard to find the right person, is it something…[Read more]

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    I know people on both sides of the coin.

    My brother will ALWAYS leave his car the morning after the night before regardless of how inconvenient it is (and me and my family have made it clear that we will always pick each other up whatever the time, I have said this to friends, I would rather be woken up at 3am to pick you up than you drink and…[Read more]