• Moving out could entail a commute of more than one hour; it used to take my OH two hours door to door in the morning and again in the evening – and that was when the trains ran on time and weren’t cancelled. He frequently had to stand for the 40 min (ha! it rarely was 40 mins) into Padders.

    You say your job is great with amazing career prospects.…[Read more]

  • @red-1 @happyclappy I don’t care what my car looks like, but I can understand that some people do like expensive/shiny cars and want to keep them that way.

  • I am more pissed off that the bar steward who did it didn’t have the honesty/courtesy to leave a note on my windscreen telling me what they had done and how to contact them, than the damage itself.

    I get that. My first car (an old Mondeo) got keyed badly at Aberffraw on Anglesey years ago. The damage didn’t bother me, but the fact that someone,…[Read more]

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    On the 27th. Dec we had cause to call our GP’s surgery. Following consolation with one of the GPs we were advised to call for a paramedic, which we did. A fully kitted-out ambulance arrived and spent two hours with us. Nothing was too much trouble, the potential seriousness of the situation was accepted by the ambulance staff and the service,…[Read more]