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    • April 4, 2017 at 10:35 am #76

      Never ever buy from a site called Simplyfeet! I bought some vionic full length orthotics
      from simplyfeet for £30 a couple weeks ago, when I got my insoles (which took 2 weeks to arrive!) they were absolutely rubbish. The insoles were really poorly made from extremely cheap and flimsy pieces of plastic which did not fit properly inside my shoes… once inside my shoes the insoles just hurt my feet and push them into a really awkward position. I had an appointment with my physiotherapist to check out my back pain and whilst I was there I showed him the insoles to get his expert opinion and he said that I should throw the insoles straight into the bin because they would do more damage than good to my feet and could even cause alignment issues that could actually affect my back if I carry on wearing them. Once hearing this I decided to contact simplyfeet to see if I could get a refund because the insoles sucked. Here is the reply that I got from simplyfeet 3 days later as you can read it is extremely unprofessional

      “ Hi Holly,

      We are sorry to hear that your insoles were not as you expected but it is not our fault that the insoles are wrong as you must of bought the orthotic insoles in the wrong size. We cannot give you a refund just because the insoles are wrong size. You are welcome to buy another pair from us ina different size which may be better.


      Canonbury ”

      As you can see simplyfeet have very poor grammar and just point blank refused to give me a refund, even blaming me for them not being right and then had the utter cheek to tell me that I could try buying more. Simplyfeet then ignored my other emails to them and I had to open a paypal dispute to get my money back.

      If you are wanting good quality insoles from a company that treats its customers with respect then DONT BUY FROM SIMPLYFEET NOR THERE SISTER SITE CALLED CANONBURY BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY SUCK!

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