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    • March 28, 2017 at 12:14 pm #48

      I must be getting older but I have had really bad knee aches and pains recently. I don’t know really what has caused it, maybe I am just rusty as I am not as active as I used to be any more and should be more active (use it or loose it like the good old saying goes). Anyway, I have been doing a bit of research and I guess what I will do is get more active actually use my knees for once but I think I will need to wear knee supports from now on because once you weakened your knees your at risk of straining and tearing the anterior ligament altogether. I basically thought it be helpful if I wrote down everything I found out below for you guys…

      You must defiantly stretch before any exercise because if you don’t you can cause permanent damage to the ligaments in your knees if your pull them.. stretching is designed to gently make your ligaments stretch out and adapt rather than all out straight into exercise which with sudden change can snap the ligaments.

      Knee supports can really help with a range of benefits to those who choose to wear them. Mostly worn by people whom have suffered from a knee injury whether effecting the patella or the anterior cruciate ligament, however that being said many sports people will wear these supports to keep good form whilst playing sports as the knee supports will usually restrict movement that is usually unnatural which does not match the mechanics of the knee as intended which can be harmful. Supports will also offer compression that can encourage blood flow in the knee which can be beneficial in reducing fatigue as well as the build up of lactic acid in the knee area whilst playing sports.

      There are many reason as to why people might HAVE to wear them:

      -Usually as we get older the ligaments and muscles found within the knee will become weaker and much less flexible increasing the risk of injury wearing a knee support may reduce as giving extra support to these weakened tissues.

      -If one does sustain a knee injury knee supports can be one option to minimize pain by giving compression and better circulation to the affected area.

      -Strapped easily on your knee, the supports are not meant to move easily  but caution must be taken to ensure that you do not strap the knee support on to tight which could inhibit blood circulation which could potentially cause DVT. Before using a knee support you should see your doctor first to ensure that you need to wear one and how.  Where to buy a knee support from? well if you are struggling you can always look online there are plenty of online stores which sell them I bought mine from my favorite health shop.

      Hope this post helps if you got poorly knees like me!

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