HELP! How can I get rid of my plantar fasciitis?

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    • March 23, 2017 at 4:47 pm #27

      Hi, recently I went out running like I always do but for some reason when I was running my arch in my right foot started to get really tight and painful and eventually it got so bad that I had to stop running all together and call someone to pick me up (which is kind of hard thing to do when you go running at 6am and everyone you know is asleep). Now every time I step on my right foot I get AGONIZING pain in my feet and if I touch the arch of my foot it feel extremely tender. I have just looked online and apparently if my self diagnosis is correct then I am pretty sure that I have something called plantar fasciitis caused by me over stretching my arches. BUT I have no idea how I have damaged my arches because I always every time I go running make sure to properly stretch my legs and feet before hand and I don’t like to boast but my running technique is pretty much spot on. Anyway I was wondering if my plantar fasciitis could be caused by anything else? Also I was wondering if anyone has any recovery advise which will help speed up my recovery and get me back on my feet as soon a possible because I was training for a marathon in a couple of weeks time and I don’t want to drop out of that.

      Any help would be hugely appreciated thank you!

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