Gel insoles vs arch support insoles which is better?

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    • December 16, 2017 at 1:41 pm #386

      Hi recently I started running again to get healthy but I have been getting really bad foot aches when I run and I have had enough! I don’t want to quit running because I really enjoy it so was looking online and have found that wearing insoles can help. There are two different types of insoles that you can buy to help with foot pain, gel ones and arch support ones but I don’t know what to choose.
      Which ones would be better for my feet? I heard that gel insoles are really good at absorbing shock and spreading pressure whilst arch support ones are better at giving you more support and easing tension and pressure of your arch and helping injuries such as plantar fasciitis. I really don’t know what to buy and would love some input on this. I know that you can get custom insoles made by podiatrists which are meant to be best but I’m not on a super high budget at all and cannot spend a lot of money of insoles that might or might not work. Help would be super! Thank you!

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