• Hi recently I started running again to get healthy but I have been getting really bad foot aches when I run and I have had enough! I don’t want to quit running because I really enjoy it so was looking online and have found that wearing insoles can help. There are two different types of insoles that you can buy to help with foot pain, gel ones and…[Read more]

  • Thanks.
    OH is a sole trader and I would say went to an accountant just being excited with the idea (and not to the cheapest one), the guy just hasn’t looked through paperwork properly.

  • Sorry guys for hijacking.

    What is correct way to tell an accountant to where to go?

  • My bunny has the whole garden and sleeps in the shed- the amount they move around is amazing- please don’t keep yours in a hutch. They also love to nibble on a variety of grasses/ shrubs.

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    Obese? I very nearly spat out my double chocolate cheesecake in disgust.

  • Doesn’t sound like a legit site at all. If you look on their trustpilot page seems as though they have been doing this to lots of people. What is sickening is that they sell mobility items for elderly, disabled and vulnerable people.. ripping off those people is sick and disgusting.

  • I’ve had horrendous skin recently, it got infected in August and I’m 8 weeks on a waiting list for an allergy test. A friend sent me a link to an article about eczema sufferers being deficient in fillagrin, a component of the skin which helps heal and reduce cracking. I think it based on your genetics.

    Anyhow, this linked on to a supplement…[Read more]

  • Any AST has to be a minimum of six months.

    She legally has a tenancy agreement and he has nothing. I would ask her to give you the full written notice and tell her you are not willing to grant him a new tenancy agreement. Return her deposit pending the check out, and either let it sit empty or relent to someone else after they have completed…[Read more]

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    I work for BT. All BT employees have what we call an EIN number (9 digit number). If you get calls from BT ask the caller for their EIN. If they can’t provide this then they do not work for BT. If they do then you can call any BT number and provide them with the EIN, they can tell you what office that person works in and who their manager is.

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    Basically I’ve been having issues with my back and hands for awhile, to cut a long story short after nerve tests, bloods & X-rays I had an neck MRI.

    Because the hand surgeon ordered it I saw one of his team yesterday, I was called through by nurse and could hear doctors discussing me, that an abnormality had been found on the MRI and to explain i…[Read more]

  • As others have said, let yourself recover from illness first. Then, address the sugar. I will say, though, in my experience, the more you address the fitness, the less likely you are to indulge in the sugar.

    I have downloaded the Pacer App and I aim for 15000 steps per day excluding any riding (45 mins on the horse seems to equate to 6000 steps).…[Read more]

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    @frogface Exactly what I was thinking. Private banks can’t just fabricate made up money. It does come from somewhere, whether it be from those who invest in the bank, inter bank borrowing or such like. No bank would need bailed out if they just fired on a few extra zeros to their stash! New money needs to be introduced carefully, as the more of it…[Read more]

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  • Just looked into it and it says no transfers. I will just have to suck it up and enter again next year. I know I could make my body get round as I’m so bloody minded but I think I’d end up a mess and likely set back any other training I want to do.

  • I hate feeling like I’m quitting. I have a chiropractors appointment tomorrow and will discuss it with him, he’s the only person who takes a real interest but doesn’t seem to be able to help. The existing injury is annoying me at the moment, two years is far too long to put exercise on hold and so I’m getting depressed and frustrated. But I do…[Read more]

  • Looking for realistic advice, although I think I know what people will say! I did a half marathon last autumn and my training did not go to plan due to a neck injury, so I did about 4 x 5km runs, one 9 mile walk/run and one 14 mile walk/run. Really bad prep but I jogged around my first ever half marathon in 2hrs 39mins without stopping to walk and…[Read more]

  • Put the batteries in tonight and left them for a bit. They chirped a couple of times in the first 5 mins but haven’t for the last 4 hours. Double checked and they’re not CO alarms, just smoke so I don’t think it’s CO. Also checked the CO alarm and it’s working so I think the next step will have to be an electrician. Will ask fire service for a che…[Read more]

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    when i was a child i spent all the school holidays with a family on a farm.
    The family is stayed with were a bit lie the darling buds of May, there was allways something going on, it was a much happier place than my own home.
    there was mum,dad and four children. one night in 1982 three of the young family were killed in an accident. The driver of…[Read more]

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    I am sure GP will sign you off without meds.

    I would also advise that in a lot of areas you can self refer to your local IAPT service, they usually provide 6 ish CBT sessions initially that you may find helpful. It is quite good at explaining the whys (and I like knowing why )

    Also if you need to be kinder to yourself may I suggest that you…[Read more]

  • I would agree with pakkasham, quite often these issues come from higher up. When my pelvis gets bad enough my feet set off eventually!

    Personally as well as physio (which I need for other bits anyway) getting the ligaments working better really helped- I have mostly barefoot style shoes now.

    The trouble with riding is that it does put the…[Read more]