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    • November 23, 2017 at 1:54 pm #303

      Basically I’ve been having issues with my back and hands for awhile, to cut a long story short after nerve tests, bloods & X-rays I had an neck MRI.

      Because the hand surgeon ordered it I saw one of his team yesterday, I was called through by nurse and could hear doctors discussing me, that an abnormality had been found on the MRI and to explain it to me in a way that wouldn’t worry me. They also said I’d been discussed in case conference.

      When doctor came in, he said that an area has been found on scan that the radiologists arn’t sure of and they are getting a second opinion from University Hospital and that I’ll most likely need another MRI with contrast.

      Kicking myself that I didn’t ask more and that I didn’t say I could hear what was being discussed.

      Half of me thinks it’s fine and the other half is oh god.

      Sorry, just needed to write it down!

    • November 23, 2017 at 1:54 pm #304

      Oh sweetie. The worry is completely understandable though hopefully all is fine and it’s easily fixed. Can you call the surgeon’s secretary and chivvy for the next MRI?

    • November 23, 2017 at 1:54 pm #305

      Obviously i can’t stop you worrying but almost the same thing happened to me when i had a brain hemorrhage over here . The doctors didn’t think i could understand them but from what i gathered afterwards it was normal for the neurologists to discuss each case together and in my case they wanted a second opinion from a more specialist unit in Toulouse because they weren’t 100% certain about the scan and i was young(ish). I got the feeling it was more normal than not. I had another scan and it was couriered off and almost straight away a positive answer came back from how they read it.
      Much better for you that they are doing this rather than the alternative of doing nothing which happens quite often.
      Sincerely hope all goes well for you too Supertrooper . Please do try not to worry xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • November 23, 2017 at 1:55 pm #306

      am sorry you are having so much upset and worry.

      I want to put another spin on it. You have had symptoms in your hands and legs, and obviously know that something is wrong somewhere. If the MRI had come back clear then that too would have been a worry as then you would be none the wiser as to what the symptoms were.

      When you overhear something it is always more worrying, but if the Dr had simply said to you that they were glad that you had been recommended for the MRI as they had found an abnormality. He doesn’t think it is anything to worry about after discussing it with his colleagues, but they want to send it for a second opinion from the university, and they may want you to have a more detailed MRI to get better images.

      I think that would still be worrying, but would put a different emphasis on it rather than overhearing.

      I had a neck injury in my 20s which made my hands numb. The MRI did not show the real issue, although there were some abnormalities. I had further tests and what did show the issues were a series of X rays with my neck in various positions. Turns out that the ligaments were slackened by whiplash, and when my head was back the processes were touching, and had grown spurs which were touching. In essence I had kissing spines!

      Good luck, and I would call the surgery back if you are worried, but tell them you overheard them and are worried. It was rather unprofessional to be talking about you when you could hear.

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