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    Recently I bought some new arch support insoles from a website called shoeinsoles (owned by a company called health and care). I decided to buy some new insoles because I have just started a new job which requires me to be on my feet for long periods at a time which has started to damage my feet and has caused me to develop PLANTAR FASCIITIS a really nasty foot condition which causes the major foot pain and inflammation around the arches of your feet. I decided to go for a pair I found on shoeinsoles because on their site they advertised them as insoles for plantar fasciitis that would support the arch of your feet and help get rid of foot pain and plantar fasciitis and would help anyone with any kind of foot pain, the insoles were also priced at £20 thus they were just in my price range and were not super expensive like others available online such as custom insoles which can cost anywhere from £100 upwards and I really do not have that kind of money! So I placed my order and waited eagerly for them to arrive. When my new insoles did eventually arrive I was wholly disappointed with them because they were simply rubbish to say the least. When I received my pair in the post they came in a shabby looking plastic bag and when I opened the bag up and looked at the insoles they looked even more shabby than the bag, the insoles were really poor quality and looked as though they were second hand and someone had already ran a couple marathons in them and gave them a dog to chew on!
    I then put them in my shoes and despite them being advertised as being arch support they did not support my arches at all, in fact the default insoles that were already inside my shoes had a lot more support in them than these things. Even though they were totally rubbish I decided to go to work in them and give them ago.
    Twenty minutes into my shift my feet started to really hurt which was a record because usually my feet would start hurting after an hour or two not after twenty blooming minutes! To make things even worse for me the insoles kept on moving around too which caused my feet to rub against the side of my shoes which resulted in painful blisters on the sides and tops of my toes.

    Half way through my shift I just decided to remove the insoles all together because they were just making things worse and hurting my feet.

    When I got back from work I decided to contact shoeinsoles to see if I could return them and get a refund because they were simply not fit for purpose and totally rubbish. After politely emailing their customer service I received a blunt and rude email back from them saying that they were not going to give me a refund because I probably bought the wrong insoles for my foot types (even though on the sale page for the insoles it stated that these insoles could be worn for all foot types).

    In conclusion if you are thinking about buying some new insoles to help ease your foot pain then I would strongly suggest that you stay away from shoeinsoles and healthandcare because their insoles suck and will make your feet feel worse not better plus trying to get a refund is like drawing blood from a stone. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I have since bought a pair of dansko shoes which I wear now for work and have fitted in a pair of footcaredirect arch support insoles inside them which makes a perfect combo, my plantar fasciitis and foot pain is all but gone now no matter how long I am on my feet for.

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